Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why were patient letters dated incorrectly?

The news that the Ilkeston Family Practice and GP Walk In Centre was being closed on 28 February, was broken by the media on 27 November 2012.

This shocking announcement came as a complete shock to all patients, who had been told NOTHING about the intended closure, or had any involvement with the decision through consultation - because there was NONE.

Patients were told through a press release issued on 28 November, that letters were on the way to them.

On 4 and 5 December 2012, patients started to receive letters (NOTE: only one per household though). Strangely, the letters were dated 26 November 2012, however, the postmark was stamped 3 December, and they were posted first class.

So, why did it take ONE WEEK to post the letters?  Why was there such a long delay, when surely, NHS Derbyshire realised the impact and upset that this closure would cause to patients?  

Well, obviously not, because we have now received emails, from NHS Derbyshire, that show that amends were still being made to the letter by NHS Derbyshire at 12.19 on 30 November!

Below are excerpts of an email sent by the project manager for the PCT (edited to remove personal details) which show that on 29 November, they had suddenly realised that they hadn't written a letter to patients, who "could now ask why is the information about the closure in the public domain and they have not heard".  So, why was the letter incorrectly dated, when posted to patients...?



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